LotRO Bot Tool: Download Damage Meter

I’ve found Lotro Tool that analyzes your combat log(s) and outputs statistics. You can find more bot, exploits, and macro on Strategy Freaks.

For each opponent, the following output is listed:
– # of times you killed
– # of times killed you
– each attack, by skill/damage type, and by number of times you inflicted a given damage amount

# of times you killed: 1
# of times killed you: 1
Auto-attack or DoT (Ancient Dwarf-make): 4 hits, total dmg: 688, avg dmg: 172.0 (1×154 1×165 1×183 1×186)
Auto-attack or DoT (Light): 2 hits, total dmg: 19, avg dmg: 9.5 (1×9 1×10)
Battle-shout (Light): 2 hits, total dmg: 177, avg dmg: 88.5 (1×86 1×91)
Defensive Strike (Ancient Dwarf-make): 1 hit, total dmg: 188, avg dmg: 188.0 (1×188)
Devastating Blow (Ancient Dwarf-make): 1 hit, total dmg: 191, avg dmg: 191.0 (1×191)
For each ally, the following healing-related output is listed:
– your healing
– their healing you

You healed: 159 times, total amt: 17799 (60×22 1×26 9×27 3×52 16×54 27×55 1×64 8×67 1×284 7×298 6×301 4×397 2×401 6×405 1×485 1×497 1×517 5×522)
Healed you: 83 times, total amt: 57674 (3×53 3×469 1×473 7×483 8×487 21×492 1×574 1×582 1×591 1×592 1×594 1×602 2×937 1×947 3×965 8×974 13×984 1×1143 1×1148 1×1175 2×1177 1×1182 1×1189)

For each ally, the following power-related output is listed:
– power you gave them
– power they gave you

Power is given by blue pots, blue FMs, and the LM Share the Power skill, and Capt Now For Wrath trait for Rallying Cry.

You healed: 181 times, total amt: 15766 (8×19 74×20 18×21 7×24 10×25 8×26 3×49 11×51 4×53 1×60 3×62 1×63 1×270 6×278 1×292 4×360 2×364 3×371 7×375 1×382 4×390 1×446 1×457 2×460)
Healed you: 2 times, total amt: 1614 (1×790 1×824)
You gave power: 1 time, total amt: 334 (1×334)
Gave you power: 3 times, total amt: 2036 (1×678 2×679)

Where do I get it?
Click on this link:

Save the file to your computer, then cut and paste it to:
My Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online
I’m updating the program every month, as I add functionality and fix bugs (thanks Diggy!). The current version is: 2008.05.03.1
You can tell which version you have by the 1st line in the output stats file:
# combat stats generated by Taugrim’s LOTRO Damage Meter (2008.05.03.1)
How do I run it?
Simple. Just double-click the file.
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LoTRO – Music

Want something more than bots and macros? Lord of the Rings Online offers a unique music system that allows players to compose and play their own (or anyone else’s) songs in real-time. It’s also possible to use a standard midi keyboard to interface with the game. Players can even write their own text file scripts of songs and trade or post them online and play them in-game. These cool stuff are availabe at Strategy Freaks Forum, which offered exploits, hacks, bots, macros, and a whole lot for LoTRO.

The information here is current as of the mid-June Shores of Evendim update.
Instruments and You

The instruments available are horn, clarinet, lute, flute, harp, theorbo, and drums. Each has a unique sound, and they all are capable of playing 3 octaves, but the range of the octaves varies by instrument:
FLUTE – lowest note is middle-C
CLARINET – lowest note is one octave below middle-C; however the lowest 2 notes cannot actually be played on a clarinet, so playing them results in a breath sound.
LUTE, HARP, HORN – lowest note is 2 octaves below middle-C
THEORBO – lowest note is 3 octaves below middle-C
DRUMS – not actually tuned to notes; each different “note” is a different percussion sound

So you can see, if you wanted to play a high melody, the flute or clarinet might be your choice. The lute is a good instrument for playing both accompaniments and melodies, while the theorbo would be a good bass instrument. However, only the Minstrel class can play all instruments:
BURGLAR: clarinet, lute
CAPTAIN: horn, lute
CHAMPION: horn, lute
GUARDIAN: horn, lute
HUNTER: clarinet, lute
LORE-MASTER: clarinet, lute
MINSTREL: horn, clarinet, flute, harp, lute, theorbo, drums

How Do I Learn To Play?

Unlike Mozart, players don’t pop into the world knowing how to play. Your character must be level 5 before they can learn an instrument. Your class trainer will then offer to train you individual instrument skills for 2.5 Silver each. (These will be offered under the Passive skills tab on the trainer.)

You will then need to find a Bard to purchase an instrument. These are the same Bards that let you manage your currently mastered traits. They are in many – but not all – towns. They appear as a lute icon on your radar map. Talk to the Bard, browse their merchandise, fork over 20 Silver for the instrument you’ve trained up and wander off to a remote spot so dogs won’t begin to howl when you start practicing.

In order to play an instrument, you must equip it. The instrument will equip into your ranged weapon slot. Now, type /music and hit the ENTER key. You are now in “music mode.” While in this mode, the normal key assignments of your keyboard are remapped for music. That is, your hotbar keys won’t access your hotbar – they are available to be mapped to notes on your instrument. (More on this in the next section.)

While in music mode, hitting keys 1-8 will play the notes of a C scale. This scale will be in the middle octave of whichever instrument you have equipped to play. You can hold down 2 (or more) notes to play a chord.

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Lord of the Rings Online Bot: Download – Hunter Grinding Bot

Some people are not against the bots and macros, because bots and macros can help you level up or making money while you are not playing. There are lots of LotRO community forums that provide bots and macros, one of the sites I recommend is Strategy Freaks, which allows people to share tips, tricks, as well as provides bots, macros, exploits, hacks, and guides for macro.

Macro reviews articles will help you to make decision before buying macros, I know it’s frustrating when you have searched tons of sites look for the macros that will work, feel free to check out LotRO Macro review articles.


Here is a bot for grinding with a hunter (using autoit as well).

While 1 = 1

;keep pressing backspace until a target is aqquired
while PixelGetColor(626,121) <> 0×111095

;while target is aqquired
;also check to see if target is out of range by seeing if it has looped more than 100 times
$i = 0
while PixelGetColor(626,121) = 0×111095 AND $i <> 100

;use swift bow
;use quickshot

$i += 1

;check to see if health is full
While PixelGetColor(381,79) <> 0×2CE30E


================================================== ============

My swift bow and quickshot are in number 4 and 1 slot respectively.

To setup the bot make sure you have “auto run to target” turned off.

Stand somewhere non aggro Mob that you want to farm spawns in front of you, maybe with you back to some object to prevent them accidently coming in behind you. Because the bot does not move but rely on the fact that enemies will spawn infront you.

The bot will

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